IT LABS is a Romanian company from Banat that provides training services in the field of Software Development and related fields.

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Here we will explain exactly how the summer internship will be organized!


We will present some of the advantages that IT LABS offers

ANC authorized center for courses

We are accredited by the National Authority for Qualifications for courses in the field of IT&C, especially programming. At the end of the internship you will receive a IT LABS certificate in the area where you completed your internship and a letter of recommendation.

Complex projects

The projects in which you will be involved will be projects of medium complexity, and will have a multi-disciplinary nature. You will have to allocate 6 hours a day for the internship activity, as provided in the internship contract. Also the key to the success of the project is the communication with the members of the work team.

Online practice

For the majority of internship positions, the activities will take place in the home office. We will use Google Meet for face-to-face communication or our webinar server, GitHUB, GoogleDocs, etc.

Career start experience

The activity you will carry out will be an important one for your career! You will learn how to deal with the rigors of a company, how to work in a team, even remotely. You will not forget the summer of 2020!

IT LABS projects

Some of the LABS IT projects in which students in summer practice will be involved.

  • ALL
  • WebDesign
  • Graphic
  • Programing
  • Psychosocial
  • Advertisement
  • Marketing
  • Android

Job platform for the IT & C area

Career counseling and guidance platform

E-learning platform

Platform for the selection of future students

Tutorial platform for technical skills

E-learning platform for foreign languages

Mentoring platform in programming

Webinar platform

Web platform for appointments

Frequent questions

We will answer a few common questions.

Yes! The entire practice activity is performed by the student at home. We will use GoogleMeet for conferences. To help you work on your own laptop we will use TeamViewer.
Internships are unpaid, but in the end we will reward students with very good activity.
We have internships for all levels of knowledge: from beginners to intermediate, and advanced! We will establish the level of work after the interview. What is important is to act responsibly and proactively!


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Partner universities

Below you will find the list of universities and faculties with which we have concluded collaboration protocols for summer internships!


On the Youtube channel you can find the opinions of some students who did the summer 2019 internship at IT LABS :)

Bobocea Cătalin

Student, Faculty of Mathematics-Informatics, Timișoara

Claudia Pantea

Student, Faculty of Mathematics-Informatics, Timișoara

Uilecan Valentin

Student, Faculty of automation and computer science, Timișoara

How do you apply for an internship?

The first step in the application is to register by filling in the form below! Fill in all the required data in the form. The form does not load if you do not enter valid information! In the message, please specify an email address that we can use on GoogleMeet. Also in the message, please specify the faculty and university where you are a student.

If you have time please perform the MBTI personality assessment. Establishing your personality profile will help us to establish a position as close as possible to your abilities. Please specify in the content of the message below the MBTI profile!

Students from the faculties of Automation and Computer science/ Mathematics-Informatics who have real leadership abilities can apply for project manager positions. Please specify this when applying for the internship!

After you apply you will receive a confirmation email. Also check for spam if you received an email from IT LABS within the next 5 minutes. Please try again if you have not received a confirmation email, and possibly check that the CV file is no larger than 7-8 Mb (MegaBytes). If you fail, send an email to internship@it-labs.ro and specify all the information in the form: name, surname, e-mail, GMAIL address for GoogleMeet, phone, the position you are applying for, the language of instruction, your native language, your GitHUB / GoogleDrive account, and attach a CV. Or determine the direction / position you want to get involved in during summer practice.

Within a maximum of 4-5 days of application, you will receive an email to set the time and date for the interview. The interview aims to establish together the project you will have to carry out, in as detailed way as possible. Or eventually we will determine the position you are going to work on.

Sign up

Students or individuals who wish to apply for an internship are asked to complete the form below. Please do not miss the contact details (e-mail and telephone). It is absolutely necessary to fill in all the data in the form!

Please upload a CV that also contains a photo. For CV it is recommended to use EuroPass format. Students from the faculties of Automation and Computer Science are asked to specify if they have a GitHUB account with their own projects. Students in the faculties of arts and design are asked to upload their portfolio to GoogleDrive, if they have relevant work, and to indicate the link to GoogleDrive. Do not upload documents larger than 7-8 MB

After applying for an internship via this form you will receive a confirmation email in a maximum of 5 minutes. Please check the email box indicated in both spam to find the confirmation email! If you do not receive a confirmation email, try again.